TA4 Thin Air Socks White

Name: TA4 Thin Air Socks White

Brand: OS1st Socks

Only $19.95

Breakthrough product specifically designed for comfort, fit, protection and breathability. OS1st TA4 Thin AirTM Performance Socks feature never before applied technology to keep your feet cool and protected during any activity. Created using 200n medical grade machinery and materials we are able to build in comfort, durability and blister protection, yet with the thinnest upper foot profile ever made. The "Thin SkinTM" construction with uniquely positioned lift-bars, maximizes air-flow achieving a cooling sensation to your feet. Our OS1st manufacturing technology has been leveraged to create the most unique performance socks ever!

Sizes S, M, L, XL
Colours White, Black, Blue, Pink
Styles Socks