Travel Walker Weave

Name: Travel Walker Weave

Brand: Kroten

Only $119.95

Travelwalker Weave( AW8044) offers a fresh fun look and the cushioned heel inserts ensures comfort when walking. Stylish in any surroundings, but tough enough to wear outdoors on any surface. The Kroten Travel Walker brand for Women , ensure that the walking shoes are fashionable, flexible and comfortable while being functional at the same time. Our cleverly designed slip-resistant soles which Kroten are known for will provide you exceptional footing on wet or slippery surfaces.

These washable walking shoes are available in a very comfy D width fitting that will suit most women. The feather-light construction makes these a great shoe to have with you when travelling or for any occasion.

Sizes 6 to 11
Colours Taupe Linen
Styles Casual Orthotic Capable